CN Energy Group. Inc. (Nasdaq: CNEY) is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in cogeneration of high-quality wood-activated carbon, clean energy, and heat. The company has always followed the tenet of green, circular economy and the development principles of renewable energy industry. CN Energy, the professional solution provider, possesses industry-leading technology and information and already independently obtained multiple national patent authorizations.

After years of development, the company has finally formed a dual-driven business strategy focusing on both sales and supporting technical services of activated carbon. At present, the company has established well-developed offices and sales networks in Hangzhou, Lishui, Harbin, Tahe and Manzhouli. 

The company is mainly engaged in the sales of biomass products and related supporting technical services. The main product is activated carbon. There are six categories of activated carbon products: environmentally friendly activated carbon, chemical decolorization activated carbon, food additive activated carbon, chemical reagent type activated carbon, doxycycline special activated carbon and medicinal activated carbon. The company's activated carbon has strong physical adsorption and chemical adsorption ability, therefore is widely used in purification, deodorization, decolorization, medicine, water purification, metallurgy, food, and chemical industry.

CN Energy serves multiple types of customers. Our company provides customized service to each of our customers and helps customers reduce their costs. Our application engineers cooperate with customers to discuss the design of adsorption processes, equipment, and activated carbon specifications to achieve the best cost performance.

With constant technological innovation, CN Energy will unswervingly help customers solve the most difficult filtration, decolorization and purification requirements. The company's management team will lead all employees and make concerted efforts to make CN Energy a large-scale, distinctive, big-brand company with expanding business territory and high competitiveness.